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Welcome to the website

If you want to buy or sell a picture ???

So you're in the right place

You've visited on sale image where we are trying to arrange the sale of art, ranging from academic painters, professionals, self-taught, students and emerging artists.
      Just choose from our wide range, which offers themed paintings, abstract nudes, architecture, children, spiritual figure, fantasy, historical, landscapes, flowers, modern trends, naive, portraits, romantic, still life and animals.
      With us you can choose an image by price, how the images small and large, according to the height and width, as well as by theme or description, and a painting, drawing, graphics, photography, sculpture, objects, glass, ceramics and others.
     This project was created under the auspices GALLERY XXL , which for 10 years is among the largest private gallery in the Czech Republic and its premises organized significant exhibitions and is a public tip contemporary art. From its depositary has over 800 paintings by contemporary renowned artists.
      This space, however, has identified for the widest array of artists who want to try to show their work and offer it for sale , but also for the people who are the owners of paintings and have a taste of these parts trade. This activity seeks to encourage all authors and put into motion the market for fine arts.
      Buy a painting is too much choice is very simple. Detailed information can be found in the link INFO .
      Fine art, especially painting, is a good gift, which please your loved ones, but also themselves and also can become a good investment. Especially from your home or business can make a cozy and exclusive rooms, but also a pleasant place that will please everyone and creates a special mood and atmosphere.
      So feel free to try our wide selection of fine art.
And if you paint yourself, so do not hesitate to see if the your creation will keep anyone interested.
      Nothing better convince you that you are good, but that will work for your interest.
Do you have any questions or need any advice? Do not hesitate to contact us, we will help you with everything. 

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